love all, trust a few, do wrong to none 爱广施,信慎与,恶勿行


This quote is from the play All’s Well That Ends Well. In the beginning, a son is being sent off to court (in this context, meaning the royal household, to work for the king) after his father has died. His mother gives him this advice.

  • Love all” means something like be open to being friends with everyone, even if they aren’t nice to you.
  • Trust a few” means be careful who you trust to protect yourself from harm.
  • Do wrong to none” means don’t be mean to anyone so no one has any reason to say you are a bad person. And in the process of doing wrong to no one, you could even make some friends.

I hope this can help you understand the quote better.





  • “love all”意为敞开胸怀与所有人成为朋友,即使他们对你并不算好。
  • “trust a few”意为谨慎地相信他人,从而保护自己免遭伤害。
  • “Do wrong to none”意为不要对任何人刻薄,这样别人就没有理由说你的坏话。并且在保持不对他人刻薄可以使你交到更多的朋友。


love all , trust a few, do wrong to none 爱广施,信慎与,恶勿行。

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